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Let's talk gun safety.

The final straw that pushed me into this race happened on a Friday morning in February, when a student walked into my children's school with a gun in her backpack. Gun safety is not something we in West County take lightly. Survey after survey shows a steady and increasing support for background checks, red flag laws, safe storage, and other common sense gun safety policies.

I was raised here in Town and Country by a teacher who was a retired Marine Corps marksman and artillery forward observer. He taught me respect for guns—that guns are powerful and potentially destructive weapons, not to be handled carelessly or by those unfit to handle the responsibility. This is the policy of the United States military, and this policy should be applied to our communities as well.

I'm a parent, just like you. And I'm tired of being hung out to dry by politicians in Jefferson City.

When it comes to common sense gun safety, our representatives in Jefferson City have failed us, ignoring popular opinion and even public outcry. Support for background checks, red flag laws, and safe storage transcend party lines; they are noncontroversial, they are proven to save lives. We can require that firearms be handled responsibly and we can keep guns out of dangerous hands—we have a moral imperative and a Constitutional right to do so.

Our communities have been calling for it, and I intend to fight for our families.


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